I’m so grateful for my career so far. I’ve gotten to collaborate with some amazing people and make some art that I’m really proud of.

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What do I do? I compose, produce, edit, teach, facilitate, speak, conduct, and perform. Thanks for taking the time to check out some projects I’ve been involved with.

Untitled design

For Frequency Machine, I composed, sound designed, and edited a 10-episode season of Feminist Files, the secret origin of Title IX, starring Jodie Foster, Samira Wiley, Amy Hill, and Leigh Fondakowski. Listen to the trailer below.

Matt Berninger of the Grammy-Award-winning band The National lent his mellifluous voice to a song I wrote for High Fiction. The sound design you hear in the beginning is from an interview I made with my dad when I was in high school. For more High Fiction, listen on your favorite streaming service or go here. The pic @ right is Matt horsing around with my fam after his recent show @ Madison Square Garden.

MB + the fam MSG

Here’s an excerpt from NPR‘s awesome show Invisibilia that uses some of my scoring. If you want to hear the full episode (and it’s a good one, entitled “Remote Control Brain”), go here.

Sweet Alice hired me to remote-produce this song with her. It’s called Found and we had such a great time building it out together on opposite coasts. If you click on the image, you can check out her music video also.

I wrote some music for plays that was invited to be in some libraries and that music ended up on MTV. The music was originally commissioned for a production of The Merchant of Venice at Denver Center for the Performing Arts. So, you know, I totes dropped some trax on Real World Road Rules Challenge. Doesn’t this dope sh*t sound like MTV?

Sometimes It Rains is an excellent podcast made mostly by my friend Mat Hostetler that tells stories at the intersection of sports and social justice. You should give the whole thing a listen at this link. In the meantime, here’s the original theme music and montage I put together for him.

There are always more projects! I thrive when I’ve got a few dishes on the stove. If you want some support or to collaborate, hop on over to the connect page and grab a spot on my calendar. Who knows what we’ll cook up.